Robert Sparham (1949)

Although I am an English Artist, I joined the Estonian Association of Printmakers in 2016 after falling in love with Estonian art during a visit to Tallinn. Together with a friend we took part in the Muhu island printmaking summer school. After this I was pleased to be selected to take part in the Third Silk Road International Arts Festival in Xi’an, in China. As well as taking part in other Estonian shows, I was the Artist in Residence at the TYPA the Estonian Printing and Paper museum in Tartu, which was a wonderful experience. I also took part the Estonia’s “100” in Latvia, at the Mark Rothko Art Centre in Daugavpils, Latvia.
My prints are made in relief, mostly in the linocut, medium I chose linocut because it offered a way of reproducing the diffused subtle colour effects which I am interested in. However, I sometimes use woodcuts and relief etchings to make different effects. I ink my blocks using a technique called rainbow rolling, where two or more colours are mixed on the roller. My prints are usually printed using three or more blocks with the colours blending together.